Qantas QF20 Business Class Review 28/12

QF's classic Airbus A330

Qantas QF20 MNL-SYD Review

I am back again travelling on Australia's number one airline, this time it is an overnight flight from Manila to Sydney. We're all quite familiar with the new QF business class seatings and their extraordinary level of service consistency so let's focus on the airport facilities and ground support for this review.

It was a trip taken during Christmas so, please excuse some of the poorly taken images and read with some holiday spirit! Eggnog? Anyone?


The check-in process was extremely quick and smooth with almost no other passengers queuing in the priority line, the check-in staff was very proficient in English and had a very welcoming attitude. There weren't any priority security/custom lanes offered for First/Business Class passengers which extended the overall prep time. After all, it was less than 30 minutes, well within the acceptable range.

Please note, the initial airport entrance procedure was actually quite complicated and lengthy, but the holiday rush would be the primary culprit. With many other passengers travelling to other destinations queuing up at the entrance security checkpoint may increase the wait time by a further 30-60 minutes.


Two lounges are available for you to visit, the CX lounge is accessible with Oneworld Sapphire/Emerald perks and the PAGSS lounge which is complementary to all business passengers. 

I chose the CX lounge as there weren't many CX flights on that day and I love the trademark Hong Kong styled noodle bars that Cathay would typically offer. I later visited the PAGSS lounge before departure but it was quite mediocre with far fewer seatings and dining options.

The lounge itself was surprisingly spacious, built with a staffed cocktail bar for complimentary drinks/refreshments and a noodle bar for a cozy casual dining experience. Self-service drinks and snacks stations are available for those of you who would rather have something light.

There were plenty of seatings available in the dining area, which would feature tables large enough for you and your companions. This is quite extraordinary as space-saving furniture are usually used in most business lounges. The freshly made noodles soups were divine when coupled with some authentic dim sums, it was almost like I was back in Nathan St. HK!

Having a cocktail bar is great because you can never have too many drinks before a flight! Most mainstream drinks are available with knowledgable and friendly staff that are willing to make drinks on request. However, most of the alcohols would rank slightly under the expectations for a typical business lounge.


Standard boarding procedure was followed. It was quite an efficient and fluid boarding process with experienced staff and ground crew. However, the flight was delayed by almost an hour which was quite a letdown. Staff were reluctant to leave any passengers behind after the final boarding call and had the whole plane had to wait for the final late passenger to board.


There goes our familiar QF business class seat with a whopping 2m of legroom when fully flat, not much to say other than the new fabric lining on top of the seat which was quite... interesting...

QF Pyjamas were given along with a long haul amenities kit as expected. Overall the cabin was neat and tidy which has again emphasised QF's consistency of service. 

Meals and services

Classic Aussie hospitality paired with fusion cuisine is just as unstoppable as it sounds. This was actually one of the best QF inflight meals that I've ever had. 

For starters, I had roast duck salad with Cucumber, Lychee and vinegar dressing. The duck was tender and succulent paired with freshly made salad which ended the entree with a sweet note. This would probably rival all the restaurants in Melbourne CBD.

Adobo Pork was chosen for the main course and it definitely brought me some surprises. At first glance, the dish wasn't extremely well presented on the plate but don't let the looks fool you. I have just ordered myself the best inflight one of the best inflight mains that I've ever had, the sweet textured pork coupled with fluffy white rice was absolutely divine. 

Dessert time, a small slice of chocolate mousse cake with apricot was served and it was a great finale to end this meal. The sweet and creamy texture of the mousse cake paired with some holiday muscat was almost canonical with the previously sweet dishes. 


After waking up from a good overnight sleep, it was almost breakfast time. 
The breakfast actually fell short of my expectations, but I can wolf it down with a nice cup of coffee. The Bacon, Egg and Mushroom Ciabatta was actually quite stale and the egg was dry and overcooked, but it was all still edible and for an overnight flight, and fell under the acceptable range.


The flight experience was generally positive with an outstanding dinner service. However Qantas' should actually share lounges with CX by default rather than booking into the airport lounge as they are not really on the same level. Many Non-Oneworld tiered passengers will be denied access to the CX lounge and that would give a poor lounge experience. 
Improvements can still be made to the breakfast menu but that wouldn't be so much of an issue as it is an overnight flight.

Overall that was a great flight which again demonstrated the consistency of QF's service and operational standards.


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