UPCOMING TRIP: Farewell to the queen of the skies


Nothing beats counting down to the new year in the islands. Staring deep into the ocean contemplating about the years to come while sipping from a never ending drink in your hand.

Waikiki would be the prime destination for those of you who might want to pause and rewind in the sun, the sand and the flawless beaches. In paradise the worst of your problems would slowly fade away with each wave crashing against the shoreline.

The flight would be quite a straightforward trans-tasman QF flight between AKL-SYD followed by a longhual flight with the Queen of the skies between SYD-HNL.

However, there would be a poignant twist to this trip as all magic comes with a price. We're now at the end of an era, QF is retiring the last of their 747s by the year 2020, after decades of long service this may well be the last time for me to travel on a QF 747-400.

The Boeing 747 revolutionised air travel before most of us were even born and they are the undisputed queens of the skies. The iconic jumbo jets, even to this date would be able to provide you with one of the most breathtaking longhaul flight experiences, and this would be the perfect last opportunity to squeeze out a review or two.

Long live the Queen. 


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