Qantas 737-800

I haven't been on Australian domestic flights in quite a long time, that made me miss the amazing Aussie hospitality along with the modern atmosphere of the Qantas Domestic Business lounge.
Those factors urged me to take a connection flight through Sydney for my Hawaiian holiday.

Being one of the busiest domestic routes in the world, MEL-SYD is a very short flight taking little over an hour, proudly flown by one of Qantas' older Boeing 737-800s it is surely a walk of history. Before the flight, I was actually quite annoyed because the domestic variants of the fleet are generally older and without the latest cabin upgrades, but sometimes a classic is what you need to kick start your journey.

Check-in and Lounge

Melbourne Domestic Lounge

The lounge was a bit too "well-lit"

The interior of the lounge was spacious and well-lit, resonating with a minimalist's touch. The exuberant nature of the lounge definitely wakes you up for the day but then if you're flying late night flights, please do expect a disrupted sleep pattern.
A simple yet satisfying breakfast buffet was offered with barista made coffee, I enjoyed the Latte so much that I actually ordered an extra one before my departure.

Here goes another coffee

Full shower and washing amenities were offered for the comfort of long-haul travellers and privacy desk spaces were offered for those who do business on the move.

Some simple sausage eggs and toast

Boarding and the cabin

Boarding was extremely fast and easy, all thanks to priority boarding. The 737-800 still retained a classic 2000s cabin so it featured some nice leather couches without any seat-back entertainment, that was remedied by gate-to-gate wireless entertainment. The seats were quite aged but everything still functioned like a breeze, somehow that classic interior actually brought back some feelings of nostalgia.

The cleanliness of the cabin was acceptable with some god-knows how old crumbs within the armrest dining tray bay. I guess those were quite hard to fully remove due to the age of the cabin but it was quite disturbing. Sadly another let-down was the internet being out of order on that particular aircraft and when I asked the flight attendant she answered trivially that the aircraft was due for an upgrade.


Shortly after taking off, breakfast was served with coffee, there weren't many options available, but the Greek-styled breakfast was quite appetizing.
Greek seared saganaki, spinach, poached eggs served with potato fritter was an exception main that you would never expect on an Australian domestic flight.
The berry muffin paired with Greek yogurt was a great finale for the breakfast to fill the hungriest of passengers.
Full beverage options were available but I opted for some nice OJ and coffee. (I know, I've exceeded my caffeine quota for the day)

Overall the dining was exceptional for such a short flight.

Some nicely presented breakfast


Overall the experience has been positive with the lounge being a great kick-start to the morning.

Improvements can always be made, the lounge schedule adherence could improve along with the cabin of the aircraft. The interior of the aircraft did indeed deliver a 00s world-class experience but it is now 2018. I guess we're all looking forward to the upgrade the flight attendant has been talking about, with that said the in-flight dining absolutely blew my mind for such a short flight and that concluded the flight on a positive note.

This review concludes the first part of my three-part journey to Hawaii and please stay tuned for the next review on the 787-8 Flight from Sydney to Auckland.

Interstate sunrise from seat 3F


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