What does it take to become Jet set?

In journalism, Jetset was a term for an international social group of wealthy people who travelled the world to participate in social activities unavailable to ordinary people. This includes flying First/Business Class.

Do you need to be living off the interests of your eight-figure term deposit or become the CEO of a high flying company in-order just to gain the title?Well no, because we're not all journalists!

For me, flying is all about enjoyment and the process of getting from A-B. In my opinion being "Jetset" is a state of being self-sufficient rather than a status of wealth and social propagation. It's the ability to be able to fly where you want when you want. Doesn't matter if you're travelling in Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class. Doesn’t matter if you’re flying the Flag Carrier or just another budget airline. If you think you’re "Jetset", then let's "Go!" you’re already there.

For me, flying is all about the enjoyment and the process. It has always been a better experience to fly in economy with a positive experience than to fly the extravagant first class with a complaint on your mind. After all, you should always get what you've paid for, with happiness being the key to life, there will be no excuse for a poor service.

As we all know, not all service standards are created equal, so I created this blog. where I’m now able to review and share opinions on all classes of trans-Tasman travel from all carriers. I hope this way I can share what I love, with the possibility of interacting with more people just like myself.

B-787 Rolls-Royce Trent-1000 SYD flight LA800


  1. JETSET 2 Paris. You re forever welcome Johnny bro

    1. Thanks Ben! I'll visit Europe when I get the chance!


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